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We represent more than 50+ supplying corporations globally to support and develop Bangladesh’s ceramic and textile industry on a large scale.

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Partnering Global Businesses For Better Service

Working with a globally recognized company, we’ve created a benchmark of international business partnership. We’ve become the exclusive provider of industrial products and hardware with trustworthiness and reliability with our foreign partners.

And we’re promised to continue this warm and understanding relationship for days to come to ensure the maximum benefits for our clients. We believe that our global collaboration will be a great advantage for our local clients to achieve their business goals by having our products.

World-Class Manufacturers and Product Solution

We are the authorized seller of heavy industrial products of our trusted international partner. And it is our great achievement that we can provide the most authentic machinery to our clients who trust and rely on us.

With the collaboration with our global partner, we’re determined to provide the industrial product with the highest quality. Furthermore, we also give regular technical solutions and training support to our clients. And so consider Bridge Chamie for the following benefits:


The partnership with our foreign partners is solely based on trustworthiness.

 We believe in authenticity in our service business relationship building.

Quality is the highest priority in our move-in at Bridge Chemie.

Frequently Asked Question

We try to maximize our global collaboration to better our clients to provide top-notch machinery. It’s our highest priority that our clients get what they are asked for.

From heavy industrial machinery to lightweight hardware, we’re the trusted provider of all these. With our international affiliation, we’re prepared to provide your desired products.

We do have an exclusive partnership. In Bangladesh, we’re the sole provider of heavy industrial printers for some of our foreign partners.