Who Are We?

Bridge Chemie is the Most Reliable and Certified Chemical & Technical Consultancy Service Provider in Bangladesh

Bridge Chemie is one of the leading companies that specialize in offering the best possible services you’ll find from any other similar brand.

Bridge Chemie was established in March 2004 with the aim of contributing to the development of our growing industrial sector as an emerging country, in need of technical knowledge, modern machineries, quality raw materials, chemicals as well as skilled manpower for the industry. Bridge Chemie represents as a trusted partner of more than 50 international companies around the world with licensing and promote their product in Bangladesh. By this time through our outstanding effort we have captured the major market share in the area of textile and ceramic sectors of Bangladesh.

Besides, Bridge Chemie is deliberating to invest in the agricultural sector of Bangladesh on the pretext of growing and taking it to a global scale.

Our clients are our top-most priority, and we solely believe in their satisfaction. Our expert team is always available 24/7 to offer the care and service that our clients truly deserve.


Bridge Chemie is a leading organization actively participating in the development of the country since 2004.


When you need the best raw materials for your ceramics business, we’re here to help you with the best quality.

BRIDGE Industrial Technologies

Providing turn-key products to help businesses and industries with high-end solutions crafted with the best engineers.

Bridge Hardware

We're revolutionizing the country's hardware industry with the best quality raw materials by providing and designing highly durable products.

Bridge Printings Solutions

Top-notch printing solutions at your fingertips to fulfill your business demands. Be it the latest textile printing, ceramic, or paper printing, get everything in one place.

Bridge Agro Farm

Investing and buying from Bridge Agro Farm will ensure the safety and hygiene of your food. We are committed to fulfilling the local demands of nutrition.

Aadib Impex

We always keep our warehouse packed up with high-quality and latest raw materials and machinery to keep your production on the run.

Eco Chemie

Get top-notch and eco-friendly OEKO-TEX certified products for your business. Whether be it textile or ceramic industries, we have a huge stock ready consisting of all the updated eco-friendly chemicals to meet your demands.

Bridge Sourcing

Bridge Sourcing is a multinational buying house and exporter in the garments and textile industry. As Part of the Bridge Chemie Family, we have been resolutely trying to create a positive image of Bangladesh to the world with the vision of creating a bridge between global buyers and local manufacturers while aiming to deliver quality textile goods.

Our Organizational Strength

A Company to Change the

We all know how tough and challenging it is to have a strong financial position, especially in this competitive era where surviving properly is difficult.

Fortunately, we don’t have any such financial hardships. Instead, we are proud to say that we don’t have any bank liabilities, and our business is developing at an incredible pace with each passing year. Another noteworthy strength of our company is that we have an experienced and committed team of more than 80 people. They are always passionate about giving their best possible output for the business’s success.

Licensed Warehouse

Currently, we have 6 licensed warehouses under our name for stocking all our imported chemicals and raw materials.


We have our own R&D (research and development) and workshop for implementing all the innovative ideas, developments of product and troubleshooting, presented by our expert individuals. They team up in a quest to bring in new products or new features in an existing one.

Line of Business

Our business areas don't only stop in doing indenting and importing. Instead, it has many more vital services to offer for
taking your company to another level of success as we believe in service rather than selling the product.

Our Latest Projects

We are currently working on various innovative and dynamic ongoing projects and have several pending works on the line. Interestingly, the most recent ongoing project on which we are currently planning to start off with a hit is a cattle farm and farming-related activities to mitigate the local demand.
We have a another plan to startup a light engineering activities because it’s a fueling the growth of many other industries of the country and its called the “Mother of All Sector” because the sector provides lots of backup support to every highly mechanical industry by repairing and producing pieces of parts.

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Bridge Chemie is one of the leading companies famous for offering a one-stop solution to all kinds of machinery, raw materials, and chemicals to serve all the requirements for the Ceramic, Textile, Cement, Rubber, and commercial traders/importers in Bangladesh.
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mission & vision

We are constantly striving to provide the solutions, even for issues they aren’t yet aware of. To this end, we adopt a progressive approach to technology and marketing techniques by offering 24/7 services.

Dedicated Troubleshooting

We have a full-time committed and enthusiastic troubleshooting team who are always on your service to resolve all your issues.

Client Friendly Service Environment

All our team members are extremely cooperative and helpful in solving any difficulties our valuable clients face at any time of the hour.

Enough Stock Availability

We always have a huge stock of products available in our warehouses to keep the production of every client’s business running smoothly 24/7.

Demonstration & Training Facility

We offer in-house training on screen printing, PAD printing, ceramic printing, and machinery operation for our clients.


We believe in optimism and building a positive relationship with our suppliers and manufacturers by offering the best possible services.

We work hard every day and constantly update our technology to keep up with the changing trends. Our main objective is to make BridgeChemie one of the most reputed and reliable service brands in Bangladesh.


Our goal is to support and help all the native manufacturers produce high-quality export products. We believe in innovation and aim to represent Bangladesh to the world for its top-level performance in the ceramic and garments printing areas.

March 2004 - From Birth to a Period of Growth

Since its launch in 2004 as a small business house, BridgeChemie has gained much popularity and success with the coming years in its indenting and importing sectors.From the quality of the products to coming with various products, they have never failed to impress their clients and thus have successfully made a strong position of themselves.

2011 - Opening the horizon to the Ceramic Industry

After having a significant success rate in the indenting and importing sector, we have expanded our business to serve the ceramic sectors along with the hope of making it one of the most reliable ceramic supplier providers in Bangladesh.

2011 - Moving to the Textile and Plastic Chemicals

Once the ceramic sector hit, we extended our business from keeping a full stock ready to offer all kinds of printing raw materials and chemicals to serve all the local manufacturers.

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Our Warriors

Nazmul Karim

managing director

Aadib Karim


Abdul Gaffar

Executive Director-Operations

Abu Sarwar

Executive Director

Nazmul Karim

managing director

Nazmul Karim founded Bridge Chemie in 2004 and currently the Managing Director of the company. He started working with only Ceramic raw materials and machines but now have lead the team to work in Textiles chemicals & machines, printing solutions & many other industries.

He graduated from University of Chittagong completing both his Bachelor and Masters degree in Public Administration.

Nazmul Karim has a strong grasp of professional and cultural aspects in many different countries because of his travelling & foreign work experience and partnerships. As the Lead Developer, his operations throughout the country helped him gain substantial expertise on raw materials and tools. Working for 10 years as the Country Manager for DEGUSSA AG. Germany, he achieved a great deal of knowledge on Industrial Chemicals. All his knowledge, learning, and experience successively made him the wingman as one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of the Ceramic and Textile industries in Bangladesh.

Nazmul continues to lead the team in achieving goals that is shaping the Ceramic & Textiles Industry to have greater socio-economic impact in the country. He is pursuing & funding many other ventures and exploring many more projects and ideas towards production and manufacturing in Bangladesh to create more employment.

Nazmul is also an avid philanthropist and social worker and has made significant contributions towards education and employment opportunities for the underprivileged.

Aadib Karim


Mr. Aadib Karim is a young visionary mind and one of the persons who is taking Bride Chemie to a new level by empowering the power of modern science and technology. Besides his study in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology, he has gained experience in different fields of scientific research and the technological field.

He has also completed his internship at Temple Allen Industries, Rockville, MD, designing and developing electrical circuits and embedded systems. Additionally, he has practical experience working in world-class laboratories and affiliation on several engineering projects. Some of his successful projects and innovations include Idea-Lab, Burglar Alarm, $2 Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, Line Follower Robot by Texas Instrument etc.

Moreover, Mr. Aadib Karim has worked in different companies such as RIT 365, Global Union, Crossroads Create etc. He always cherishes utilizing science and technology to help humanity make the world a better place to live for us and future generations.

A creative mind, tech-savvy person and knowledge of modern science describe Mr. Aadib Karim the most. Predictably, he can take the company to a new height through his skills, dedication and hard work.

Abdul Gaffar

Executive Director-Operations

Mohammad Abdul Gaffar has been holding the position of Executive Director whilst being a Finance and Banking Specialist over one and half decades. He is in charge of the communication and relationships with Foreign partners, suppliers, delegates and all trading ententes of the Textile division. Along with attending local and foreign forums and fairs, he supervises all the banking activities of Bridge Chemie.
Before joining Bridge Chemie, Mr Gaffar contributed to Rupali Bank Ltd., NCC Bank Ltd. and Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd., where he had accorded his service for more than 14 years.
Mr Gaffar is a Finance and Banking Post Graduate from the University of Dhaka. Besides possessing a prestigious degree in the field of business, he also received a Diploma in Banking (DAIBB) from the Institute of Bankers Bangladesh.
His fields of expertise are Foreign Trade, Export & Import, Financial Management, Strategic Planning, Customer Service. He has proven himself as a splendid leader and his working companies have always found him an ideal model and promoter.
Mr. Gaffar regularly follows global prestigious people and their associations, keeps himself up to date about the world economy, and is very much interested in innovation in business. In the future, he covets to continue his professional eminence.

Abu Sarwar

Executive Director

Mr. Md. Abu Sarwar is one of the key member of Bridge Chemie. He has over 32 years of working experience in different fields with proven track record and  working with several organizations, ranging from agro-industries to social development to engineering fields related to food safety and irrigation systems.

Mr. Md Abu Sarwar obtained his BSc in Agricultural Engineering from Bangladesh Agricultural University— one of the largest agricultural universities in southern Asia. He also completed his MBA in 2003. He started his professional career as a Research Officer and showed remarkable success on the projects.

After all, Mr. Md. Abu Sarwar is a visionary person who has set successful footsteps in every area he worked/working for. Currently, he is leading Bridge Chemie with his knowledge, skill and experience and has made the company one of the top ceramic raw materials supplier in Bangladesh.

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Our Growth

From 2004 to the present date, Bridge Chemie has encountered a drastic change in its overall growth and has successfully made a strong position as a dependable and certified chemical service provider in Bangladesh.

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    We try to maximize our global collaboration to better our clients to provide top-notch machinery. It’s our highest priority that our clients get what they are asked for.

    From heavy industrial machinery to lightweight hardware, we’re the trusted provider of all these. With our international affiliation, we’re prepared to provide your desired products.

    We do have an exclusive partnership. In Bangladesh, we’re the sole provider of heavy industrial printers for some of our foreign partners.

    We are just a click away from you. If you want to order, visit our website, and you will get the product list. Let us know, and we will deliver the products in the lowest time.

    Yes, we import products from foreign companies. We are now distributing from foreign companies like HJD- A1, GANGYI, and many more.

    We have a huge range of products. However, we tend to focus on industrial machinery and raw materials.

    Yes. Bridge Chemie provides 18 months of warranty services for their products. Normally, for any product, the servicing period is 1 year.

    Yes. And it is easy to get service. We have everything you need to finish your project and save the pocket.

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