From research to finally improve and develop, we are shaping innovative ideas to turn into reality.

Research and Development

Helping industries to automate their process through Innovative Research.

Liveraging the power of modern technology to empower industries and business that needs a high-end solution! Bridge Chemie is an organization that believes in innovation and building a more sustainable world for industrialists.

We endeavour to bring the best version of any product and machinery. So every company can make the most use of them to grow their company with us.

Our main target is to make a strong impact in industrial machine development and create sustainable leadership by using the power of research and Technical knowledge.

Research and Development Plan and Strategy

Our expert team makes plans and strategies depending on the current trends and demands of the market. And for making the research and development successful, we follow some specific rules and work on them accordingly. The rule is simple:

World-Class Laboratory

We believe proper research has the power to bring changes that can create history. In this pretext, to honour our expert team’s ideas and help them further grow, we have successfully established two of our own R&D labs in Dhaka.

One is in Aftabnagar, and another is located in Savar.

Both of these labs are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and machinery to help our expert’s innovative ideas come into reality. Our laboratories come with all kinds of features maintaining all the international standard protocols:

Innovative Team

We are proud of our expert team. They are the people whose hard work and dedication have led us to the position that we are today now. No matter how big or complicated the job is, our specialized team always knows to come with the best possible outcome for the welfare of our company.

Otherwise, with the constant demand for bringing in new products or making modifications to the existing product, it would have been quite difficult to cope with this super-competitive era.

All credit goes to our innovative team, who are always enthusiastic and ready to face challenges and have what it takes to deal with every situation and emerge victorious, irrespective of the problem.

Best-in-quality Product

Bridge Chemie is a certified company popular for coming with the best possible service and products. It is one of the qualities that we take complete pride in and never compromise with anything. No matter the circumstances, we always try to come with the best possible product.

To maintain 100% quality, we go through several steps to ensure that the product is finally ready to be brought to the market.

Genuine and authentic material


Quality Assurance


Greater customer satisfaction