Bridge Agro Farm

Supporting local farmers and ranchers to practice and promote agro farming with local livestock to meet the local demands of healthy food and nutrition.

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Using Latest Agro-technology to Support the Community

Fulfilling the local demands for fresh and hygienic food in the agriculture industry. Bridge Agro is a sister concern of Bridge Chemie. Primarily by working with livestock such as cattle and ducks, we aim to supply local livestock all over the country.

Using state-of-the-art technology and advanced scientific methods, we maintain proper hygiene and guarantee the animals are treated correctly. With extensive and advanced medical examinations, we authorize our livestock to be disease-free and in the healthiest condition. This helps us to protect our consumers’ best interests.

How do we benefit the local Community?

By working with local animals, we are helping local farmers and ranchers financially and supporting their animal husbandry practice.

As our country increasingly imports more livestock, we must make sure our local livestock business is still up and running. Again we understand the local animals should be properly reared and valued as much as foreign ones.

Bridge Agro is committed to keeping part of our agricultural heritage alive.

FAQ of Customer

While many companies work with Agro farming, only Bridge Agro Farm uses top-notch and advanced scientific methods and technologies to ensure safety and hygiene. Thus, you will enjoy many benefits from investing and buying your produce from Bridge Agro Farm.

Yes, eventually, Bridge Agro Farm will expand from livestock to fisheries, vegetation, and more.

Nowadays, unfortunately, most of our food has toxins from various chemical compounds mixed in them. By implementing scientific methods, we prevent such toxins and prevent the livestock from catching any disease.