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Bringing the best results with a faster, secure, and reliable export-import facility for sustainable business solutions.

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Taking Import-Export Facility To The Next Level

When it’s about export and import, AADIB IMPEX yearns to reach its operation, create its identity and acceptability among mass consumers. We dream about a sustainable, eco-friendly, and tangible business throughout the country. To embrace new ideas and attain the goals, we proffer the newcomers play their part with us.

A sister concern of Bride Chemie!

With a vast number of clients from home and abroad, Bridge Chemie has been serving the textile industry for a long time. The company is distinguished in supplying raw materials, chemicals, minerals, and accessories, etc. As part of Bridge Chemie, we are determined to deliver the best services.

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We are eager to partake in your inception. One of our goals is to grow our business by contributing to the domestic economy. Hence, we welcome the chance to share our experience with you.


AADIB IMPEX is a subsidiary of Bridge Chemie and an import and export company. Its inception eventuated with the aspiration to leave its footprint nationwide and overseas. The organization is now working on generating more loyal patrons.

Leather products, heavy machinery, pharmaceutical products, vegetables, textile products, and parts are on the top of the list for import and export. The potentiality to grow and the ability to manufacture influence the export and import choice, respectively.

At first, you need to choose an industry and its product(s) with thorough knowledge. Then you need several relevant documents and certificates to get. After that, you can start your operation with the spirit to get through the primary phase, which is quite challenging.